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How to repair the roll

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The roller has strong adhesion, compressive strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance and other excellent inductive function, the use of standard relatively small wear polymer composite material in the transmission parts can be disassembled so as to avoid the site free of modification, mechanical processing, and no welding thermal stress thermal effect, correction thickness could not be bound. The wear resistance of products with together and metallic materials do not have, to ensure the contact parts collaborative revision 100%, reduce the impact of equipment to avoid the possibility of shaking, wear, and greatly extends the equipment components (including bearings) using life, save a lot of downtime for the company, the invention of immeasurable economic value; cold welding repair method: cold welding is the use of high frequency electric spark discharge principle on the metal surface without thermal surfacing, so in the repair of trachoma, scratches and other defects of roll No deformation, no annealing, no undercut and residual stress in the process.
The correction precision high, the coating thickness from a few microns to a few millimeters, the metal workpiece has disadvantages of abrasion, scratch, crack, deformation and breakage of the pinhole, lower hardness, trachoma, damage accumulation, sealing and reinforcing peer revision function, by grinding and polishing, but also cars, milling, planing, milling etc. all kinds of mechanical processing, electroplating and post processing.
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