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Main causes of work roll wear

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The strip is formed in the rolling mill, which leads to the large angle of the strip to the upper roller, the increase of the contact area and the pressure. The working roll wear is not uniform along the direction of roll length, and the forming process of the roll profile is related to the following factors. Based on the principle of tribology, the wear volume of normal pressure and a linear relationship between the wear of the roller is with the rolling unit pressure increases, but the transverse distribution of rolling force and roll pressure is not uniform, therefore, the general high pressure parts are caused by wear intensifies. From F1 to F3 (semi steel roll), the change trend of rolling pressure and wear amount is the same, the F2 pressure is the smallest. The corresponding wear smaller. F4 ~ F7 (cast iron roll) roll wear is smaller in order; (2) the total length of the roll, rolling on the circumference of a point contact number and workpiece and roller and workpiece relative slip, including numerical forward slip and sliding. At present, there are a lot of on-site rolling strip weight as a measure of roll wear marks. In fact, the amount of a linear relationship with the length of rolling roll wear, and there is no exact relationship between weight and rolling, because the weight of pieces are not only related to the length of the workpiece, and strip width and thickness of the. So, the weight of pieces as a measure of the roll wear index is not reasonable. In the rolling process, there is a relative sliding between workpiece and roller. The decrease of relative sliding value leads to the decrease of wear;
The roll surface roughness, surface hardness and friction coefficient of roller, roller surface condition, such as regeneration of ferric oxide; the transverse distribution of the relative sliding and roll work roll and supporting roll between the pressure; products every rolling units (width, weight, material), rolling sequence arrangement. If the width of each strip, according to its width from large to small, and heaps up according to the number of rolling, you can form a ladder shape, its outer contour is very close to the roller profile shape of rolled piece and roll roll wear; the surface temperature of the uneven distribution of work roll series. The running of the work roll has the function of uniform wear, and can avoid the increase of local wear caused by the temperature drop at the edge of the strip.
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