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Graphitic steel roller

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Graphitic steel roller

Graphitic steel roller refers to the semisteel roller materials, on the basis of by controlling the graphitizing elements and content of carbide forming elements and the corresponding proportion, in adding the right amount of liquid steel and alloy nodularizer for breeding and spheroidizing, make the roll in the process of solidification form spherical graphite or regiment.


Graphite carbon content of steel roll semisteel roller, the matrix microstructure close to half a steel roll, still existed in the matrix organization with granular and rod carbide abrasive particle, at the same time there are a certain number of spherical graphite matrix organization.

Because the graphite has good thermal conductivity, and can effectively reduce the roll in the work of the thermal stress, free of d-type graphite exists at the same time, can rise to prevent crack extension of damping effect, make the thermal cracking performance has improved significantly, plays a natural graphite lubricant and thus graphite steel roll has unique properties, excellent thermal cracking, accident impact resistance and half steel roll wear resistance, the hardness of small gap, hardness is commonly HS35 ~ 60.

For large deep groove section mill, graphitic steel roller by coarse open pass after heat treatment of finished products and is at the bottom of the groove and side - roll surface to obtain uniform microstructure, and at the bottom of the groove and the lateral wall of the wear resistance is almost the same with the roll surface.

In addition, on the basis of roll USES, can adjust the graphite carbon content of steel roll and alloy element content and hardness requirements, carbide and graphite content in the control group and the form, therefore, graphitic steel roller has gradually developed into a series, is suitable for the requirement of different types of rolling mill.

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