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Roll shot blast texturing process

Update:2017-03-02 20:00:33Click:2348
Shot blast texturing equipment mainly consists of roll texturing, shot blast texturing special trolley chamber body, bearing mechanism, shot blasting machine, shot blasting machine, screw conveyor, bucket type lifting machine 3, wind separator, storage bucket, 2 pill projectile controller 2, rotary vibration sieve extension 2 Taiwan, the room top sealing device, guide rail dust removal system and electric control system (including dynamic simulation monitoring system).
Main technical parameters of RE21:
1 roll
Roll material and hardness: 9Cr2Mo hardness 85-95HS 9Cr3Mo hardness 90-100HS
Roll size: 560 x 4120 510- Phi Phi (enhanced zone 1900)
2 after the treatment of the surface roughness of the roller: flat roller Ra0.5 ~ 2 + 0.1 M rolling mill roller Ra2.5 ~ 5 + 0.1 M
According to the common roll diameter, roll shot blast texturing machine is divided into RE16, RE21, RE24, RE30 and other models. For example, RE21 is the largest diameter of 21 "roll of hair around.
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