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Alloy composition of high speed steel

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High speed steel series:
(1) by reducing the carbon content of the ordinary high speed steel to make it less and less high speed steel such as DM2, DM42, DW18, DW9, etc..
(2) the high vanadium high speed steel D2-3-4-6. High vanadium high speed steel is famous for its high wear resistance, but it is difficult to be popularized in production because of its poor grinding performance. Carburizing process can be used to refine the carburized layer, so as to improve the grinding performance.
(3) high speed steel containing silicon DM2Si.
Commonly used cutting tools, high-speed steel materials commonly used W18Cr4V, W9Cr4V2, W6MO5Cr4V2, W12Cr4v4Mo, etc.. Among them, W18Cr4V steel is the most widely used and the longest. For all countries in the world.
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